How much will it really cost me over the first 5 years of ownership?

Looking Down the Road:
Other Systems

How much could it cost me over the first 5 years?

On average, companies who operate a digital templating system want it to last at least 5 years with a peace of mind that they are covered from any malfunction or even accidental damage. Over the course of those 5 years with other systems, it may cost you more than $30,000 to have just limited warranty coverage and service support.

Upfront Costs in Year 1

Initial investment

While you may have the peace of mind of service and training support in the first year, the initial investment can be more than $20,000 along with additional costs…


Online training

Though online and corporate training are usually included in the purchase price, onsite training at your facility may cost you as much as $1,800 plus travel expenses.


Additional equipment

A laptop or tablet are usually required for in-field templating, but not included in the purchase price costing you an additional $900 on average). A second software license, ideal for use back at your shop to maximize productivity, may also be an additional cost or not an available option at all.


Ongoing Costs over Next 4 Years

Annual warranty or maintenance contracts

It may cost you as much as an additional $6,400 over the next four years ($1,600 per year) for limited warranty coverage (defects and workmanship only), as well as any annual maintenance, calibration or…


Software updates

In order to keep your software up to date, an annual contract may be required.


Loaner program

An annual contract may be required to receive a loaner unit during
service, otherwise additional costs apply. In some cases, loaner
units may not even be available.

With other systems…

The road of ownership over a 5-year period may be full of tolls and winding roads, potentially costing you more than…


Looking Down the Road:
LT-2D3D Laser Templator

How much will it cost me over the first 5 years?

For more than 25 years, we have put an emphasis on providing
excellent value and optimal service support for our customers.


With LPI, you are fully equipped, trained & covered for 5 years for only $17,700 as well as being a valued member of our LPI family.

Upfront Costs in Year 1

Initial investment

You not only receive the world’s leading digital templating system, but you also receive all the equipment, training, and service support for 5 years for only $17,700. This includes everything below and more…


Comprehensive warranty coverage for 5 years

Have a peace of mind that you are covered for 5 years, including accidental damage. No annual calibration required. You also receive an annual allowance to put towards new accessories.


Surface Pro tablet

The robust performance and compact nature of the tablet work well with our system. We include it with our preloaded software so you’re ready to go.


Online AND onsite training

We include onsite training at your facility to ensure you’re trained and comfortable with our system.


Loaner program

No annual contract required to receive a loaner when you send in your unit for service. We want to minimize your downtime so you can keep operating.


Software updates

All software updates are included to ensure your software is running the most recent version and is operating at optimal performance. No annual contract is required.


Second software license

We include a second software license so you can email files from the field to the shop for any additional editing or file preparation.


Ongoing Costs over Next 4 Years

None. No annual contracts. No hidden fees or taxes. Just peace of mind.

With LPI…

The road of ownership over a 5-year period is wide open and you can coast with no worries and be part of the LPI family for only…


Return on Investment

Find out what your ROI could look like with the LT-2D3D.