Arcs Appearing As Line Segments


In AllenCAD, some arcs will appear as straight line segments and not arcs.


The reason for this is that by default, AllenCAD attempts to render the drawing in the most efficient way possible. By doing this, instead of drawing every single arc that makes up the full arc, it will break it into line segments and display it similar to how a STOP sign would on the street. This is only the way the software is rendering the file on the screen. When you send it to the plotter to be cut, it will cut the vinyl as it was meant to measured or drawn.


If you wish to change this so that AllenCAD renders the arc as an arc on the screen:

  1. Click View / View Parameters
  2. Click on the Draw Modes tab
  3. In Arc Segments change the number in the field to a larger number

At laser Products, we keep the setting at 2000 which draws the arc smoothly. If you go to high though and have a slower computer this could case the program to slow down cause problems. On newer computers, you should have no problem running at a higher size.

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