Case Study: Discover Marble & Granite

Case Study: Discover Marble & Granite

Discover Marble & Granite

Victor DeOliveira, Discover Marble & Granite, Milbury, MA


Established in 2001, Victor DeOliveira, president, made two major business decisions that have made Discover Marble & Granite such a solid player in the industry. The first was a large investment in quartz from Cambria in 2003 which gave them the flexibility to adapt to design and color trends. The second was to go high tech with the purchase of two sawjets and a Laser Templator from LPI.


Today, the company is processing over 5,000 sq ft per week, has three locations, 10 Laser Templators, 10 full-time templators and 19 installation crews.

“We invested right before the recession,” said DeOliveira. “It allowed us to cut our costs and compete against those low-priced fabricators out there. It’s one of those things that if we had not done it, I don’t know where we would’ve been. It allowed us to cut costs that much.”

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