LPI response and offerings during Covid-19/Coronavirus crisis

Manual to Digital Click to see how the LT-2D3D can help you transition from manual to digital templating with a vinyl plotter. LEARN MORE Go Digital. Click to find out the benefits of going digital with the LT-2D3D and hear from those who have made the transition from manual templating to digital. LEARN MORE Don't Take Our Word For It. Hear directly from our customers on why they chose LPI for their digital fabrication needs. LEARN MORE Leader in Digital Fabrication Solutions The LT-2D3D is the market leader in digital templating and used by the top professionals around the world. LEARN MORE Honoring 10+ Years More than 10 team members with over a decade of service are recognized as part of the company’s 25th anniversary celebration. LEARN MORE

Leader in Digital Fabrication Solutions

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Countertop fabricators were the first industry to see the value that digital templating with our lasers could do for their business. Once we introduced the LT-55 XL and then the LT-2D3D models, for the first time ever, a templator was able to complete jobs on-site, email them back to the office and head to the next job.



The LT-2D3D Laser Measurer offers custom cabinetmakers and architectural millwork companies an invaluable tool for quickly and easily capturing complex 3D measurements such as cabinets and staircases, as well as 2D measurements such as countertops and walls.



Eliminate scaffolding, tape measures and physical templates with the LT-2D3D Laser Templator. Safely and easily template glass facades, balustrades, and shower walls and doors from a single location, as well as create and email CNC-ready files directly from the job site.



Our products help maximize your company’s performance by producing higher quality products, perform layouts immediately, expand core offerings, and present your company as more professional than the competition.


Our products dramatically reduce measuring time with design layouts on-site with customers, measuring without unsafe scaffolding and ladders, eliminating the need to make physical templates and reducing measurement errors and mistakes.


Maximize jobsite data flow with optimizing the measurer’s time while eliminating templating materials and spending less time during installs while reducing recuts due to measurement errors. Our products will help your company expand job opportunities.

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In 2014 we began working with industry leaders including Trivantage and CAD Effects to produce a digital templating package that would suit the industrial fabric companies. This package includes our TemplatePro software and is paired with the 3D Disto Laser Templator.



We identified a need for quicker and more precise measurements. LPI specializes in the development of innovative products which has allowed us to win multiple awards along the way.


Every laser is individually built by hand by technicians that have a combined total of over 25 years’ experience in production. They know the expectation that our customers have and exceed them in every possible way.

Service & Support

Many customers have commented on how we have provided them with amazing service and support that you are not likely to find outside of LPI.


Being the lowest price is important, but so is offering a full package with everything you need – and we do both.

We Listen

We have been producing lasers for the construction industry for over 20 years and build products based on what our customers need. Every laser that we have built is based on requests from customers who work in the field every day and we continue to push the envelope in order to create innovative products for them.


When you produce your own digital templating systems, you have extensive control over the quality of your products. This quality has shown through our industries so well that in the past two years we have had to double our production, service and support staff to keep up with the demand of our customers.

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