Laser Templating Tops Agenda At Sheridan’s “Right First Time” Installers Event

Laser Templating Tops Agenda At Sheridan’s “Right First Time” Installers Event

State of the art laser templating was top of the agenda during Sheridan’s ‘Right first Time’ installers day which took place in March at the 75,000 sq ft fabrications site in West Yorkshire. Sheridan installers from right across the UK attended the event which was initiated to inspire and ensure best practice nationwide.


In considering key factors for offering consistently high standards of quality and service across the Sheridan business, an important focus for the event was the applications, benefits and efficiencies of the recently acquired LT 55 laser templating equipment. Since acquiring their first LT55 in December, Sheridan have been so impressed with the unrivaled accuracy and capabilities of the technology that a further six machines have now been purchased for the installers in the field, from Scotland to Southern England. Over the last year, the Sheridan team also worked closely with the manufacturers to fine tune the software to meet very specific requirements.


The greatest benefit for fitters in the field and their customers is the capability to create permanent, bespoke worktops as a single installation, without the need for temporary mdf or plywood mock-ups or interim plumbing fixtures. The technology reflects Sheridan’s commitment to ‘Right First Time’ service by minimizing inconvenience and reducing turnaround time to approximately 7 days. The single step process also keeps the company’s carbon footprint down by cutting out unnecessary transportation and fitting of temporary work surfaces.


On behalf of Sheridan, Managing Director John Blackburn comments, “In the current economic climate, the opportunity for the management team to get together with our installers from across the UK was invaluable for discussing positive ways forward and ensuring ‘Right First Time’ service across the board. We were also keen to showcase the LT55 laser templating because having thoroughly researched the options and worked closely with Laser Products Europe, we’re confident we’re investing in the the very best equipment for the job. All of our installers have been impressed with the LT55 and feel very positive that the obvious benefits will make the investment well worthwhile”.

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