Laser Templator Software Update (v.328)

Laser Templator Software Update (v.328)

LaserTemplatorUpdatev328We have released a new version of our software. Version 2.0.328.0, or v328 as we generally call it, is a roll out updates Windows 10 compatibility, bug fixes and some small additions to allow the program to be more consistent throughout different menus. For most users, there will not be much of a change noticed.


Like all other updates to our software, this is completely free of charge. Just open the Laser Templator software while connected to the internet and when asked if you wish to update, click Yes.

— 2.0.328.0 —



  • Windows 10 compatibility
  • Adding ability to import multiple page names from the imported CSV file.
  • Adding ability to sort materials screen.
  • Adding support for new e7100i.
  • Adding support for the S910.
  • Adding support for for Windows Sockets for D330i and D8.
  • Adding debug information for Windows Socket connections.
  • Adding ability to find and select the socket device in File -> Help -> Setup Device.
  • Adding JobTrackerAPI4.dll to MSI installation file.
  • Adding lower buffer sizes.
  • Adding confirmation when removing colors/layers.



  • Updating to .NET 4.5.
  • Updating location of Preset Notes into General Settings.
  • Updating email subject and body text to reference “Laser Templator” instead of “LT55-XL.”
  • Updating user manual.
  • Updating lock hint text.
  • Updating timeout on reading data for measurements.



  • Fixing JobTracker search by Job ID.
  • Fixing Job tracker in MSI.
  • Fixing Template Plane and while adding a drop in issue.
  • Fixing offsets for e7100i.
  • Fixing error referencing AutoCAD.
  • Fixing Draw Circle fraction truncation.
  • Fixing error if turning laser on times out.
  • Fixing .NET 4.5 error to support Windows XP.
  • Fixing E203 issues on windows 10.
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