LPI Adds New Software Feature to Further Ensure Accuracy

LPI Adds New Software Feature to Further Ensure Accuracy

Laser Templator v528 features a function to notify users if accidental movement of the laser occurs during measurement capture.


LPI has released Laser Templator v528, the latest version of its 2D measuring and templating software program for its hardware counterpart LT-2D3D.


The most notable improvement is the addition of a movement detection feature that will notify the user if the unit was rotated during a measurement capture, in which case an error message appears on the tablet instructing the user to recapture the last point.


“We added this feature to further ensure accurate measurements are captured,” said Erik Louis, executive vice president of engineering and operations for LPI. “We also included a Help button with tips to avoid inadvertent unit movement, including lifting your hand off the laser when capturing a measurement and adjusting the tension on the unit’s rotation ring.”


The software update also includes improvements to features such as language translation, email and JobTracker, as well as some minor bug fixes. Back in January, LPI released v526 which made opening and saving job files for large, complex jobs more than 30x faster, and small- to mid-sized jobs up to 6x faster.


The Laser Templator software is designed to be user friendly and allow templators to easily create and send CNC-ready files directly from the jobsite without having to possess any CAD experience. Laser Templator comes with every new LT-2D3D system and customers currently using the software can upgrade to v528 for free by following the prompts on their tablet to download the new version. A list of all the new features and improvements to the software is available upon download.


Customers with questions regarding the Laser Templator v528 upgrade can contact LPI customer support at 877-679-1300.

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