Recalibrate Allen Datagraph Plotter

If the Allen Datagraph Plotter is not printing accurately, you can recalibrate it using the i_TECH Remote Panel. There is one of two methods to do this based on which version you are running.

AllenCAD 7

  1. Open the i-TECH Remote Panel By clicking on Start / Programs / Allen Datagraph and make sure the plotter is turned on with material in it.
  2. Click on Diagnostics / Calibrate Square Plot
  3. Type in 30 for the “X (media movement) size in inches” and press OK
  4. Type in 20 for the “Y (knife movement) size in inches” and press OK
  5. The plotter will now plot the material. Once done cutting, measure the material. You need to be as actuate as possible on these measurements. Write down the measurements and convert to decimal (ie 30 1/16” is 30.0625)
  6. Click on Diagnostics / Calibrate 07
  7. Type in 30 for “X Drawn” and the actual measurement for “X Measured”
  8. Type in 20 for “Y Drawn” and the actual measurement for “Y Measured”
  9. Repeat steps 2-8 one more time and make adjustments if needed. Once the “Drawn” and “Measured” dimensions are the same, your plotter has been recalibrated correctly.

AllenCAD 8 (AllenCAD8CutterCalibration)

  1. Power on the machine, load material, and ready the position of the cutting head along with the force and speed.
  2. Open the TMC i-TECH Remote Panel found on your desktop.
    Note: It may also be found under C:\Documents and Settings\(USER NAME)\Start Menu\Programs\Allen Datagraph
  3. Click “Software” to verify you are communicating with the machine.
    The “Version” field will automatically fill in with your model # and firmware version, etc.
    (If this does not fill in, go to “Home” > “Machine” > “Com Port” to choose the correct com port)
  4. Click “Home” > “XY Motors” > “Calibration Square Output”
  5. Decide what dimensions you would like to calibrate to by choosing the X cut size (length) and Y cut size (width) Choose a rectangle
    size that is equal to an average size cut you normally perform.
  6. Click “Cut Rectangle” and measure the dimensions of the cut rectangle.
  7. If adjustment is needed: Click “Calibrate” > input cut dimensions entered and measurements of the actual cut. Click “Update”
    and the machine will reset. Ready the machine to cut another calibration square.
  8. Repeat steps 4 & 5 (repeat steps 4 through 8 until calibration is achieved)
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