When using the camera or trying to save a job in Laser Templator immediately after using the camera, the tablet crashes resulting in a BSOD/Stop Error (

We have seen Surface Pro 7 tablets with no modifications from LPI and without any LPI-related software installed exhibit this behavior. Not all Surface Pro 7’s have exhibited this issue but the ones that do, experience it in both the LT application as well as any other program that uses the camera.


The issue on Surface Pro 7’s is related to firmware combability issues on the tablet hardware itself. Microsoft pushed an update that introduced this bug.


At this time, there are no fixes for the issue. Because of the nature of the bug, LPI is unable to correct the issue. Microsoft does not provide access to this level of code to any developers.


LPI recommends templating jobs like normal but using your cell phone to capture job site pictures. Then transfer those images into the job folder if necessary.

Check for Windows updates as frequently as possible so that when Microsoft pushes an update to correct the bug the functionality will be restored.