Tips to reduce reworks in your stone fabrication business

Tips to reduce reworks in your stone fabrication business

No matter the project (kitchen countertops, reception desk, fireplace etc.) or material (granite, quartz, porcelain, etc.), reworks can cost you a substantial amount of time and money. While not 100% avoidable, there are ways to significantly reduce reworks that can not only improve your business, but also be easily implemented. Read the tips below or view the video on our YouTube channel HERE.


Measure twice, cut once

No matter if you’re templating manually or digitally, make it a habit to have your team verify measurements before leaving a job. Better to be safe than sorry.


Show me the info

Include as much information as possible on your digital template file or job notes, including photographs of the jobsite and other documentation. From notating specific sink/faucet details or identifying multiple pieces to entryway challenges for your install team, this information will help prevent costly surprises downstream.


Just to be sure this is correct…

Communicating with your customer is just as important (sometimes even more) than communicating with your team. Not only verify your measurements from your template, but also verify certain details of the project with your customer, including material type, overhangs, edge profiles, and more. Also, be transparent with your customer on any potential issues that may require some changes to the original plan.


Tear down workplace silos

Encourage true teamwork through communication and discourage the “it’s not my job” mindset. Empower every person throughout your operations to communicate with each other on potential issues, solutions, and ideas. Remember, the focus should always be on your customers and their needs.


All for one, one for all

In addition to the previous point, when you align everyone to the goals and expectations of the company from the start, motivations shift from “what can I do” to “what can we do”, leading to improved results.


Educate and nurture

Set your team up for success by establishing a solid foundation of good habits, knowledge and confidence through initial and ongoing training, resources, and standard processes. Invest in your team and further decrease the likelihood of reworks due to avoidable mistakes and errors.


Teachable moments

When reworks do occur, what can you do to prevent it from happening again? Talk with your team to pinpoint the root cause(s) that led to that rework, collaborate to find a solution, and educate everyone involved to avoid it moving forward.


Do you agree with these points? What other measures have you implemented that helped reduce reworks for your business? Share your thoughts with everyone in the comments section, including suggestions for future topics. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel to receive notifications of our new LPI KnowledgeBase series of videos, as well as follow us on our other platforms below!


Special thanks to these members of our #LPIfamily for their contributions to this video…

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  • Herb Martinez, Best Buy Interior Finishes (IL)
  • Nathan Parsons, Stone-Systems (NC)
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