The Digital Process

The transition to going digital doesn’t have to be a daunting move, from both a learning and financial perspective. The same fundamentals and experience from manual templating still apply with digital, just executed in a different and more efficient way allowing you to complete more jobs per week or even expand your services.


This increased revenue and operational cost savings provide a quick return on investment (ROI). Coupled with flexible financing options, the investment becomes affordable and less intimidating.


So without the need for sticks and glue, box of tools, piles of paperwork, transporting physical templates back to the shop and more, what does the digital templating process look like with our system?

Digital Templating

1. Cabinets

Countertops do not have to be cleared or removed. Just set up your laser, select your line color, then point and shoot the cabinets. Use the auto-fillet feature to automatically connect corners as you shoot.

2. Walls and Centerlines

Switch your line color to template walls. Scribe walls to capture imperfections or intricate wall designs for accurate installation. Add centerline locations for sinks and other items to be included later on.

3. Overhangs

What edge profile and how much overhang does the customer want? Enter the information into the program, including multiple profiles, and simply tap the corresponding sides to add the countertop template.

4. Backsplashes

What height does the backsplash need to be? Similar to the overhangs, enter the information and tap the corresponding sides. Need to do a full height? Switch to a vertical plane and template the walls!

5. Sinks and Seams

Remember the centerlines you added? Select the sink(s) from our drop-in library or include a custom sink and tap on those centerlines to add them. Also add and identify seam locations.

6. Shop Sheet and Dimensions

Easily pull up dimensions and square footage (segmented by type) for reference and estimates. Estimates are based on your pricing entered into the software, which are automatically calculated as you template.

7. Separate Seams

Begin file prep for fabrication by separating the sections that will need to be fabricated. Sections will be separated by seam location along with the sections that were templated individually.

8. Slab Layout

With the separated sections, you can use the slab layout function to layout and move each piece on a virtual slab for optimal slab usage. Just enter the slab size into the program and layout the sections!

9. CNC Saw Page

If you have a CNC or are looking to purchase one, the CNC Saw Page feature helps you optimize the digital process. Simply select the CNC manufacturer and output fabrication-ready files for that specific machine, providing a seamless integration!

10. Estimates, Photos, Sign-offs and Email

Go paperless! With the tablet, take job site photos and include them with the template files, estimates and customer sign-offs in one comprehensive file and email it back to the shop for fabrication and move onto the next job!

Full or Partial Digital Fabrication

Full Digital – CNC

With a full digital operation, you can import your templated file into your CNC and let it do the rest. We have worked with a multitude of CNC manufacturers to ensure your templated files are exported to the specifications of each manufacturer through our CNC Integration/CNC Saw Page feature!


Partial Digital – Vinyl Plotter

Not ready to go full digital? Start the transition with digital templating while using a plotter. Import your templated file into the plotter and print out a vinyl template to arrange on a slab for manual fabrication. Master this part of the process makes the transition to a full digital process with a CNC easier!


Going Digital is Affordable

Flexible payment options, no payments for 30 days and more!


Insurance and Loaner Programs

We offer comprehensive insurance and loaner programs (overnight available) designed to provide coverage from workmanship defects AND accidental damage for 5+ years.

Extensive Training Program

With more than 15 certified trainers and a 2,000 sq. ft. training center, we provide the most comprehensive onsite AND online training in the industry with every system.

Extensive Sales & Support Team

With more than 25 team members in the U.S. and reputable distributors throughout the world, we strive to provide the highest level of customer service from day one.

Projects from our LPI family

The possibilities are endless with our system. Check them out!


Made in the USA

Our products are designed and assembled in the United States by American workers including U.S. military veterans and multiple generations of American families for more than 25 years. With supply chain challenges worldwide, you want a digital templating system that is made in the USA. With the LT-2D3D, no worries about added costs, longer lead times and lack of parts availability due to import and tariff restrictions!

Market Leader

With more than 8,000 systems sold to more than 3,000 customers worldwide, our products are tried, proven and recommended by a majority of digital fabricators for more than 25 years. 14 of the last 17 Stone World Fabricators of the Year use our digital templating system, and the top CNC manufacturers and industry leaders recommend our proven  digital templating system.


Our systems have received multiple awards including the 2017 Visionary Award and Sequoia Award for Product Innovation at AWFS, as well as at TISE for Best Product of 2015 and Best Technology in 2019. LPI has also earned a spot on the Inc. 5000 Company “Fastest Growing Private Companies in America” in 2017 and 2018. In 2017, owner Dan Louis was inducted into the NKBA Hall of Fame.

Don’t Take our Word for It

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