gs-28 saw laser

The GS-28 Saw Laser was the original saw laser model that we developed for the countertop fabrication and cabinet/millwork industry, but can be used in any industry that requires precise machinery alignment or layouts.


Primarily designed for bridge saws and CNC equipment, the GS-28 can also be used for band saws and permanently mounted table or panel saws. The GS-28 projects a fine red laser at a 100° fan angle, which eliminates the guess-work by giving you the exact location of your cuts every time. The GS-28 has a 10,000+ hour life expectancy and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Simple Setup & Use

The GS-28 includes a power adapter so you can plug it into any 110v outlet. It also includes a ball and swivel mount that allows it to be rotated in almost any direction and mount it onto anything with two bolts.

Bright & Crisp Lines

The 10mW red diode in the laser is the most powerful OSHA permits in fabrication facilities allowing clear visibility in standard shop conditions. A green laser option is available with our GS-40 Saw Laser.

Perfect Alignment, Every Time

With a visible laser beam projected on the slab of granite or any other surface, you can ensure that every cut is accurate. No mistakes, no scraped material, and most importantly, no wasted money.

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