TemplatePro Software


Template a basic job in a matter of minutes

TemplatePro is a custom-developed 3D templating program specifically for the LT-2D3D and 3D Disto Laser Templators. It allows for individuals without any experience with CAD, or even digital measuring to be able to template a basic job in a matter of minutes.

3-Dimensional Templates


Templating in 3-Dimensions has never been as simple as it is with TemplatePro. Simply point the laser and tap on the screen. Move the laser to the next point and tap on the screen again. Once finished, do your offsets and corners.

Remote Camera Functionality


When using TemplatePro with the 3D Disto Laser Templator, you have the option to use the remote camera function. This allows for close in zooming as well as measuring away from the laser (you do not need to stand next to it to move it).

Simple 3D Navigation


With user friendly 3D navigation, it only takes minutes to learn how to rotate and orient your drawing. Easily zoom in and out on your drawing to view and edit the finest details of the job you templated.

Product Specifications

User Interface

  • 3D Interface allows viewing from all angles
  • No confusing CAD symbols
  • Programmable layer names/edge types
  • Records customer details

Efficiency Features

  • Built-in email functionality
  • Capture and edit on-site

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The TemplatePro software does not use confusing CAD symbols to create and modify your drawings. This helps to save companies that are not CAD capable thousands of dollars per year in time savings, allowing the templator to finish jobs on-site. It creates completed DXF/DWG/ORD/XML files that are ready to send to fabrication.

TemplatePro was developed specifically for industries that have a need for 3-Dimensional measurements. These include mainly the industrial fabric and composite/boat building industries. For industries like these that produce finished products that are 3-Dimensional, we import templated jobs into RhinoCAD and with the use of our custom MPanel flattening software, each panel is laid flat. MPanel takes into account the fabric you are using (weft/warp), allows you to determine seam offsets for sewing and can even stamp the panels with the job name. It also allows for XML and ORD files to be imported into programs like 2020 and Cabinet Vision.



Get in contact with one of our sales representatives nearest you.


Get in contact with one of our sales representatives nearest you.

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