Case Study: Cain Millwork

Case Study: Cain Millwork

Cain Millwork


The internal debate at Cain Millwork, about whether to replace their original laser system with the newer 3D model was decided when a job came in to design and build a stairwell for Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.


“It was a pretty complicated job,” says Charles Watson, Project Manager. “We felt like we needed some of the features of the newer system. As it turned out, we were able to map the stairwell to under 1/16” including the turns. We did so well with  he
measuring that the installer was able to put the stairwell in without having to do any work on-site.”


In another job, the new system was equally valuable in measuring a countertop that went in and out of several areas, had crevices to allow for walls, went around a column, went into a transaction window, and had odd, 135° angles.


“To measure it by hand would have required an angle finder, a tape measure, and would have taken hours,” says Watson.  “With the new laser system, we were able to measure and make the template much quicker. Plus we were able to cut it on the router table instead of having to pay the installer to hand-notch it on-site. It has saved us a lot of time and money.”


Cain Millwork is an AWI QCP certified, full-service architectural woodwork business located in Rochelle, IL, that has a portfolio of high profile projects including the United Center, Ronald McDonald House, American Airlines Admiral Club, and the Writers’ Theatre.

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