Laser Templator Software Update (v.290)

Laser Templator Software Update (v.290)

LaserTemplatorUpdatev290Laser Templator Software Update: We have released a new version of our software. Version, or v290 as we generally call it, is a roll out language updates for our customers overseas, bug fixes and some small additions to allow the program to be more consistent throughout different menus. For most users, there will not be much of a change noticed.


Like all other updates to our software, this is completely free of charge. Just open the Laser Templator software while connected to the internet and when asked if you wish to update, click Yes.

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  • Adding Metric Quick Actions on new installs.
  • Adding Metric Drop-ins.
  • Adding “Remove Original” to offset polygon.
  • Adding ability to allow colors that the application defaults with to be removed (except black, this is a system dependency).
  • Adding ability to change photo editing application.
  • Adding option to show square area. Off by default.
  • Adding Preset Notes accessible through advanced options.
  • Adding shop sheet to PDF (Print).
  • Adding single and dual outlets to drop-ins.
  • Adding Chinese (Traditional) to languages.
  • Adding ability to flip the camera feed vertically and horizontally.
  • Adding battery tester for development purposes.



  • Updating Polish UTF language file.
  • Updating German language file.
  • Updating Swedish language file.
  • Updating Chinese language file.
  • Updating user manual.
  • Updating Continuous Break threshold to be tighter.



  • Fixing bad European Seam drop in.
  • Fixing issue where sometimes Template Plane will only take 1 or 2 points to establish a plane instead of 3.
  • Fixing shop sheet sizing issue where edges are cut off.
  • Fixing issue where pictures are not moved to new folder if job location changes.
  • Fixing JobTacker search to allow more than 500 accounts.
  • Fixing issue where scaling will not allow drawing to be scaled smaller.
  • Fixing showing Edge Type if display color name is selected.
  • Fixing JobTracker import issue where file path is too long.
  • Fixing issue where fractions in text boxes on drawing were not allowed (fillet, backsplash, etc).
  • Fixing Brazil localization dxf issues due to “,” being used instead of “.”
  • Fixing issue for duplicate pages with same name.
  • Fixing the metric drop-in (0,0) movement.
  • Ensuring Chinese DXF files can be exported and then opened in DWG TrueView.
  • Fixing selection issue in Slab Layout & Maximum Dimension.
  • Fixing issue with Polylines not being the correct color.
  • Fixing the control name on address book.


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