Laser Templator Software Update (v.436)

Laser Templator Software Update (v.436)

laser-templator-logo-04We have released a new version of our Laser Templator software. Version 2.0.436.0, or simply 436 as we generally call it around the office. There are a couple great additions included as well as some Windows 10 compatibility issues, bug fixes and some small additions to allow the program to run more efficiently.

Like all other updates to our software, this is completely free of charge. To update, open the Laser Templator software while connected to the internet and when asked if you wish to update, click Yes.

Major Changes

  • Set Plane: All LT-2D3D Laser Templators purchased during and after February, 2016 never need to be manually leveled. This is accomplished by using a new method for settings planes before measurements are taken. This capability has been added to all LT-2D3D Laser Templators purchased before February, 2016. This is deactivated by default because we did not want to confuse anyone. It can be enabled in the Options menu. For more information on this, please see the following video. It will explain in detail how to use this process and you can decide if you would like change your templating workflow accordingly: Set Plane Explanation
  • Drawing an Ellipse: Under the draw menu, you can now draw an ellipse by entering both the maximum height and width of the ellipse. Once dimensions are entered, draw it in the job just like a box or any other type of geometry.
  • Branding: You will see new logos and splash screens when you are opening the Laser Templator software.


— 2.0.436.0 Changelog —


  • New Set Plane workflow for LT-2D3D R4.0 models. Allow user to ignore leveling laser before templating. See
  • Edit / Options / Advanced / Templating Plane Workflow
  • Confirmation message when upload to JobTracker succeeds.
  • Use of low frame rates for camera feeds to help with slower processor computers
  • New drop-ins for clean installations of software.


  • The method for calculating point on planes for LT-2D3D R4.1.
  • Reposition point distances for LT-2D3D R4.1.
  • Method for calculating angles for Set Plane.
  • Language files to support Set Plane.
  • User manual.
  • Shop sheet exporting so background is always white for printing.
  • Splash screen, about box, and icons.


  • Issue where starting “_” from layer names caused issues in some CAM software.
  • Selecting issue when yellow and red are not present in the color file due to deletion.
  • Print margin on notes page of pdf.
  • Reposition laser for LT-2D3D R4.1.
  • Issue where the connection to laser closes after inactivity.
  • Diameter rounding issue when drawing a circle using a fraction instead of a decimal.
  • Issue where job images were not moving to new folder if the job name was changed.
  • Issue where Flip/Scale caused page numbering to go out of order.
  • Issue where deleted jobs were not moved to the recycling bin.
  • German local settings.
  • Metric outlet drop-ins.
  • Issue where email says it was sent when it was canceled.
  • Sound issue in .NET 4.6 implementation.
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