LT-2D3D Laser Templator Announcement

LT 2D3D Countertops

LT-2D3D Laser Templator Announcement

LT-2D3DThe LT-2D3D is the next evolutionary step forward from the LT-55 XL Laser Templator.  For simple jobs like countertops, it functions just like the LT-55 XL does. But where it excels is when you need to template backsplashs, walls, ceilings, shower enclosures or anything else on a vertical surface. With the pull of a pin, the LT-2D3D unlocks from its 2D mode and allows the laser to swivel along its vertical axis and continue measuring 3-Dimentionally. Our software will also export a 3D wire frame (as well as standard 2D DXF/DWG files) based on your needs.


The LT-55 XL Laser Templator was created to fill the void of templating cabinet bases and counter tops. We soon found that there were so many more uses that we had never thought about. We looked at all the other systems on the market and found problems with all of them so we sought out to develop a solution that gave the templators exactly what they needed. By working with industry leaders we were able to pinpoint the specific necessities that are needed to get even the most difficult job done.


As more customers started to need/want to be able to template in 3D, we listened and developed the LT-2D3D. The stand out point that our digital templating system does that no other 3D digital templator does is that we allow the system to lock into a 2D mode. Most of our customers only need to fabricate a flat surface like a countertop so it is very important that they are able to get accurate dimensions. All other 3D templating systems will take the measurements in and flatten them down into a 2D plane. Instead, our laser locks in and templates in 2D. Then on jobs where you need to be able to measure verticals like backsplashes or shower enclosures, you can pill a pin on the laser and the software will create a 3D point cluster for the fabricators that are extremely CAD proficient or template the vertical surface


Whether you fabricate a couple kitchens a week or 25 a week, the LT-2D3D will give you the precision and speed needed to make every job perfect.

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