Old Laser Obsolescence

Old Laser Obsolescence

Valued customer,


We have some important information for anyone who has an LT-55 or LT-55 XL that was purchased around October 2010 or before. Specifically, those that have a gray laser head with a wire connecting it to the black box below. Here are some images of these lasers…




As you know technology is rapidly advancing, now more than ever, but along with that comes the obsolescence of devices as well, whether we like it or not. This letter is to inform you of two key components of these lasers that are unfortunately facing this obsolescence.


The first of these is the gray laser head itself. Production of these units has already ceased and while we previously purchased a large quantity of them before this happened, we cannot guarantee how long that stock will last. And while it is a rare occurrence that there be an issue with the laser head, it does occasionally happen and soon we will no longer be able to repair or replace them due to a lack of component availability.


The second item is the battery pack used in these lasers. Battery technology is a very quickly advancing field and while the batteries we used in these lasers were state of the art at the time, they are now being phased out entirely. Our supplier has warned us several times that they are soon ceasing production of these cells and that is the case across the industry. Due to the unusual power requirements of the laser and it’s internal components, we cannot simply switch to a different battery chemistry without redesigning and replacing several other items at a significant cost. We anticipate being able to purchase the batteries used in these  units for approximately one more year but we cannot guarantee a specific date.


Ok, enough doom and gloom, how about some solutions? First of all, most of you have been using your lasers for years without the need to replace the laser head or batteries and you will likely have many more years to come. For those of you that do have an issue in the future with either of these components, you have a couple of options available to you. The first is to upgrade your LT-55 or LT-55 XL to the newer version with a wireless head. This unit entered production at the end of 2010 and uses a new laser and battery system that are both still current and ship out of our factory every day. In fact, it uses the same batteries that power

the Tesla electric cars. This newer version functions exactly the same as your current LT-55 (or XL) and likely the biggest difference to you will be that the ON button is in a different place. A second solution is to trade in your unit and purchase either a brand new LT-55 XL or the new 3D capable LT-2D3D laser templator.


We apologize for this situation and will consider any warranties paid as a partial credit toward the cost of an upgrade or purchase of a new laser. You can contact the service department at our office for more details and to discuss your options further.


We want to thank you for being a loyal customer and being understanding of this situation.


Happy templating

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