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Laser Templator is a custom-developed 2D measuring program developed specifically for the LT-2D3D Laser Templator. When we first began to develop our templating lasers, we saw an industry that had not yet adapted to being fully digital. Along with that, we discovered that many of the fabricators did not have a strong use of CAD either. We decided that instead of offering a CAD program licensed with our laser that we would just develop one specifically for them.

Real-Time Measurements


Each measurement is captured in real-time allowing you to view what you are templating immediately. Once captured you can quickly modify the job to include overhangs, radii on corners, sink drop-ins and dimensions.

Layer Name Customization


Keep your jobs organized by assigning names to layers/colors of each edge type. These can be used for visual references when fabricating manually or pre-programmed to be used with automated machinery (CNC/waterjets/fab centers).

Shop Sheets


Shop Sheets help fabricators ensure each edge has the correct style on it and each piece is the correct size when fabricating manually. If you are a manual fabrication shop, have a look at the Allen Datagraph Vinyl Plotter.

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Product Specifications

User Interface

  • Translated into 13 languages
  • No confusing CAD symbols
  • Programmable layer names/edge types
  • Records customer details

Efficiency Features

  • Built-in email functionality
  • Integrates with many design and scheduling software programs
  • Create estimates & shop sheets
  • Allows for customer sign-off
  • Capture and edit on-site





Laser Templator allows individuals without any experience using CAD, or even digital measuring, to be able to template a basic job in a matter of minutes. To finish more complex jobs, a few hours of training is all that is needed. While developing it we knew we did not have all the answers to what was needed and what was extraneous, so we went to those who did. We worked with the largest fabricators in the United Sates closely to determine what their needs were and how we could facilitate them. Through weeks and months of testing each individual feature we were able to deliver a product that was, in essence, developed by the users for each industry.


This and TemplatePro (3D template software) are the only ones on the market that do not use confusing CAD symbols to create and modify your drawings. This makes it easy enough for anyone who speaks one of the top 13 languages in the world to use. This also helps to save companies that are not CAD capable thousands of dollars per year in time savings, allowing the templator to finish jobs. It creates completed DXF/DWG/ORD files that are ready for fabrication in both 2D and 3D (whichever the users prefers) and integrates with Moraware’s JobTracker, 2020 Software, and Cabinet Vision seamlessly. Software updates are free, for life, and do not include any maintenance fees or residuals.

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