Top 3 Sourcing Failures of Kitchen & Bath Shops

Top 3 Sourcing Failures of Kitchen & Bath Shops

1. Most kitchen & bath shops only outsource couture tops to fabricators and after a while these prices tend to creep upwards. When Digital Templating is put into place, it allows you the ability to obtain multiple quotes for the same job. Savings of 10-30% are not uncommon. A simple email to multiple vendors will display this obvious profit stream increase.

2. A good percentage of the fabricators cost is involved in going to the job site to template the jobs. Because you probably are there, this allows you to template and reduce even more of the costs of the total job.

3. The opportunities for upgraded design features with even more profit stream is easy and quick. Most fabricators don’t even show these features because the templator is not a design person.

Ask us to show you how we can test your fabricator to see how much you can save while also offering cutting edge design elements that boost profits.

Let us help you ear more profit for ever sale you make while increasing speed, accuracy and quality.

Dan Louis

Laser Products Industries

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