Version 2 Launched

Version 2 Launched

Monday, we released version of our software. This is a big release we have been working on. However our servers are now getting hit very hard with requests for automatic updates which could cause your computer not to see the update available yet.


Our automatic updates works as follows:

1. You open the program.
2. The program takes the first 5 seconds to look for an internet connection and send a request to our web servers.
3. Once connected, it checks to see if the installed version is the newest version available.
4a. If it is, then continues to open the program.
4b. If it is not, it asks you if you want to update and based on your response takes the proper course.


If a connection to our web servers is not reached within those 5 seconds, The program believes that there is no active internet connection and continues to load the program. With so many people requesting updates, our servers are running a little slow at responding to the requests so as more and more people slip through and get the updates, less computers will be requesting them. I anticipate that by the end of this week we the majority of the early adopters will have version 2 installed on their computers and this lag will subside.

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