LT-55 Delete Precision File

We have found that many customers reset their iPAQ’s improperly that results in problems while launching the PLT program. The reason for this is when you have your SD Card or your Socket I/O Card in the top of the iPAQ, and hit the reset button, the physical address will be reassigned.

An easy way to think about this is a city street. Every house on that street has an address. Similarly, every connection that a computer has to an outside device (SD Card reader, Socket I/O Card slot, Data Sync slot) has its own address. This is called a Comport. The SD Card and Socket I/O Card readers on the top of the iPAQ have their individual address. This is a stored number that allows the processor in the iPAQ to know where to write data (SD Card) and where to retrieve data from the laser (Socket I/O Card).

When you restart the iPAQ while either the SD Card or the Socket I/O Card are in place, the comport can be randomly reassigned. To fix this problem, check to see what comport your Socket I/O Card is running on (usually 4,6 or 7). You can do this by following the directions below.

Once you read through the instructions below and you understand the problem you might be encountering, use the “Delete Precision Text” program to delete the Precision text file. If you are using an iPAQ that does not have the “Delete Precision Text” file on if you can download it by clicking here. If you need to download is, follow the third set of instructions to install the program on your Start Menu.

    1. Click Start.
    2. Click on Comport #.
    3. You should read a box that says “COM#” (where # is 4,6 or 7). Remember this number. If you do not receive a COM#, close out and jump down to Alternate Instructions below.
    4. Close out of the Comport # program.
      To check if there is a comport mismatch, click Start.
    5. Click File Explorer (if it is not located on the drop down menu, you can access it by going to the Programs folder and you will find it in there).
    6. Once in File Explorer, navigate to the SD Card and you will find a file titled “Precision 1.xx” and open it ( xx equals the version number of the software you are running).
    7. The top line shold read “Comport=#” (# is 4,6 or 7).
    8. If it is not the same number as you had in step 3, you can either change that number to the correct one or you can close out of the file and delete the Precision file.
    9. Once corrected or deleted, run the program again. The program should start normally.

*Note, if the Precision file was deleted, it will be rewritten on the SD Card.

Alternate Instructions

If your iPAQ does not detect a comport number through the above method, use these instructions to check for the number and then proceed back up to number 5 above.

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Click on Connections tab at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Click on Hi-Speed COM Tools.
  5. The top line should read “Card Type: Single I/O Card (HS)”
  6. The middle line should read “Number of ports: 1”
  7. The bottom line should read “Single I/O Port: COM#:”
  8. The number after COM is your comport number.
  9. Jump back to number 5 in the top set of instructions.

Install “Delete Precision Text”

Follow the instructions below to install the “Delete Precision Text” program onto your iPAQ.

  1. Copy the “Delete Precision Text” program onto your SD card and then insert it into your iPAQ.
  2. Click Start.
  3. Click File Explorer (if it is not located on the drop down menu, you can access it by going to the Programs folder and you will find it in there).
  4. Once in File Explorer, navigate to the SD Card where you will find the “Delete Precision Text” file you just copied onto it.
  5. Click and hold on that file until you see a drop-down menu appear.
  6. Select Copy.
  7. Then on the top of the screen where it reads SD Card, tap there and go to My Device.
  8. Click on Windows.Click on Start Menu.
  9. Click and hold on the white space of that folder and select Paste.
  10. That program will not be accessible through your Start menu.
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