LT-55 PLTv1.60 Program Update

The last version of our LT-55 software which includes features previously released like the Rapidfire Measuring option, Auto-Fillet and Auto-Dimensions. To download this version, follow the instructions below. It is very important to download the correct version.

Choosing the right program:

  1. On the iPAQ, while the socket card is attached to the top of the iPAQ, click Start / Comport #. If Comport # is not listed in the Start Menu, proceed to step 2. If Comport # is listed, you can skip down to the downloading section.
  2. On the iPAQ, click Start / File Explorer. If File Explorer is not on the Start menu, click on Programs instead and you will find it in there.
  3. Once in File Explorer, tap on the text that is directly below the Window’s logo (#) and you will see a drop down list appear.Tap on My Device from the drop down list and then choose the SD Card from the list presented below.
  4. Find the file (alphabetically ordered) Precision1.xx (where 1.xx is the version you are currently running.
  5. The top line of the Precision file will read “Comport=4” “Comport=6” or “Comport=7”
  6. Whatever the number listed after “Comport=” will be your comport used on your iPAQ.

Downloading PLTv1.60:

There are two methods to installing the new version of the software program on your iPAQ. If you are using an iPAQ that uses Comport 7 you will be using a restore file to automatically install the program. In this case, once you download the restore file, you can jump down the the “Alternate Installation” method below. If you are using Comport 6, you will just be copying the program file onto the iPAQ. If you are using a Comport 4 iPAQ, you can use either one of the two methods mentioned above.
Click on the file below and download it to your computer. You will also need to download the Messages.txt and the Delete Precision Text program below. Once the files are downloaded, copy them to the SD Card using either a built in memory card reader that might be installed on your computer or the portable memory card reader we supplied to you.

Comport 4:
PLTv.1.60-Comport4.pbf2/11/2008305 KB
Restore1.60-Comport4.pbf2/11/20084250 KB
* If you are running Microsoft Windows Mobile Version 5.0 download PLTv.1.60-Comport4.exe
* If you are running Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 download Restore1.60-4.pdf. Copy Restore1.60-4.pbf to the SD Card
To find out what version you are running, click Start / Settings / System / About. The top line will tell you.
Comport 6:
PLTv.1.60-Comport6.exe2/11/2008305 KB
Comport 7: (We suggest downloading the .pbf file since it automatically installs the program)
PLTv.1.60-Comport7.exe2/11/2008305 KB
Restore1.60-Comport7.pbf2/11/20084542 KB
Messages.txt and Delete Precision:
Messages / Delete PrecisionText11/6/20074.06 KB

Installation (Comport 4/6):

  1. Make sure you copied the PLTv.1.xx-x, Messages.txt and Delete Precision Text.exe to the top most level of the SD Card.
  2. Once those three files are on the SD Card, insert it into the iPAQ.
  3. Click Start / File Explorer.
  4. Navigate to the SD Card (My Device / SD Card).
  5. Click and hold on each of the three files you copied to the memory card (PLTv.1.xx-x, Messages.txt and DeletePrecisionText.exe). A drop down box will appear giving you the option to copy. Select Copy.
  6. Navigate to My Device / Windows / Start Menu and click and hold in the white space below the programs. The same drop down box will appear. This time choose Paste.
  7. While you are in here, you can delete any older versions of the PLT program.
  8. The last thing you need to do is if you normally launch the program using the iTask button on the lower right side of the iPAQ, you will need to set up that button. Click here and follow the instructions to do so.

Alternate Installation (Comport 7):

  1. To install the new version of the program begin by copying the Restore1.xx-x.pbf file to top most level of the SD Card.
  2. Insert it into the iPAQ.
  3. Click Start / Programs / File Explorer.
  4. Navigate to the SD Card (My Device / SD Card).
  5. Tap on the Restore1.xx-x.pbf file.
  6. iPAQ Backup will appear and in the lower right portion of the screen you will see “Restore…” tap that and then tap Start in the same portion of the screen.
  7. The restore process will begin to install the new software version (this will take between 30 seconds and 1 minute).
  8. Follow the on screen instructions and tap OK, You can then tap the OK in the top right corner of the screen and then the X in the same spot. This will take you back to the main screen.
  9. Restart the iPAQ by pushing the soft reset button with your stylus. It is located on the back side of the iPAQ in the lower left hand corner under the battery door compartment.
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