Non-Functioning LEDs on LT-2D3D

Non-Functioning LEDs on LT-2D3D


The LED on the side of the LT-2D3D Laser Templator does not turn on but the laser will turn on.


A static shock to the metal charge jack on the LT-2D3D can potentially knock out the LEDs. The laser will still function normally but the power on LED will not illuminate and the low battery LED will not blink if the batteries are running low.


To fix this, the microprocessor that runs the LEDs must be reset.

  1. Make sure the laser is off by holding the off button for a few seconds (remember the LED will not tell you it’s current state).
  2. Then take a metal object like a pin target or small screw driver and briefly touch both the outer barrel and the pin in the center of the charge jack simultaneously. There may be a small spark but the protection circuits inside the unit will kick in and disconnect the batteries.
  3. Plug the charger into the unit (with the charger plugged into the wall) and the LEDs will operate properly again.
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