Using Define (0,0)

If you wish to add drop-ins to the LT-55 XL software, you will need to use the Define (0,0) function. This is most commonly used if you are going to use a retail sink .dxf file and drop it into the customers template. To learn how to add drop-ins into the LT-55 XL software, please click here.

  1. Download the sink from company’s website.
  2. Open sink in CAD (not LT-55 XL software).
    1. The reason you have to open it in CAD first is that many files will contain line types that are not recognized by our software which result in the program just freezing.
    2. Erase everything but what you want to drop in. This includes text that you don’t want, measurements, company logos etc.
      1. We suggest erasing everything except for the outline of the sink (the hole that will have to be cut into the counter top.
      2. Save the file as an R12 .dxf
      3. Open the file in the LT-55 XL software.
      4. Select Draw / Define (0,0).
      5. Click on where you want (0,0) to be (usually the front center edge of the sink).1
      6. Select File / Save As / Drop-In and give it a name.
        1. We suggest “Company name – Model name” to keep it accurate and simple.
        2. The file will be saved in the Templates folder in the program folder (C:\Program Files\Laser Products\LT-55XL\Templates).

The program will automatically place (0,0) to a snap point (center of line, intersection etc) just like how other functions work. Most of the time this works because you can click near the center of the front edge of the sink. If however you need the point to be somewhere besides the front center of the sink you need to figure a way to create a new snap point. This can be done determining the distance and offsetting a side so that it intersects the front edge and then once (0,0) is defined, erasing the offset line or simply shooting a cross at the location of the sink center.

Laser Products Industries takes no responsibility for sink file that are cut from .dxf files. It is the responsibility of the sink manufacturer and the fabricator to ensure that the .dxf file provided matches the real world dimensions.

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