View CAD Drawing In 3D


You wish to view the drawing made on the LT-2D3D in a 3D mode.


The LT-2D3D will only display the CAD drawing in 2D in the Laser Templator software. In order to view it in a full 3D mode, you will need to open the filename.Internal 3D Image.dxf in another CAD program.

We ship all tablets used on the LT-2D3D with AutoDesk’s DWG TrueView software which will allow you to full the drawing in a full 3D mode.


  1. Open DWG TrueView
  2. Click File / Open
  3. Click View / Zoom / Extents or the Extents button Zoom Extents
  4. Click View / 3D Orbit or the 3D Orbit button Orbit 3D
  5. Once opened you can tap and hold on the screen and rotate the drawing by moving the stylus, mouse or your finger.
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